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Fanvil i10 SIP Mini Intercom (i10)


Including audio intercom i10 (1 button) /i10D (2 buttons) and video intercom i10V, Fanvil i10 Series SIP mini intercom is small-size and elegant outsides, while more powerful and better-behaved insides.
Integrating with access control, audio/ video intercom and broadcasting functions, Fanvil i10 series intercoms offer a high-quality communication solution for the users, help to achieve the long-distance control and enhance the environment security.

HD AudioHD audio with built-in 1W speaker, Opus and Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC).

HD Video(i10V)Only need one press to make a video call. Built-in 1 megapixel HD camera with 720P resolution in i10V ensures the high-definition pictures in video call.

Easier Access Control in OfficeFanvil i10/i10V can be connected with the original office access control through the output interface, which enables you to open the door in distance by VoIP phones, cellphones or i10D unlock button after the visitor calls with one press on i10/i10V.

Waterproof and DustproofFeaturing with IP54 standard and the wide temperature range from -20℃ to 50℃, Fanvil i10 series can be applied in different kinds of indoor environment.

Efficient Configuration and ManagementIt is faster and easier to configure and manage i10 series by batch deployment on Fanvil Device Management System.


Application Scenarios include Hotel Bathrooms, Nursing Homes, Schools, Office Etrances, Apartment Entrances, Unmanned Supermarkets. 

Multi-platform Compatibility, no limitation between different platforms.



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