Fanvil i18S 720p HD Video SIP Intercom (i18S)


Fanvil i18S gives you 720p HD video and rich wideband audio in a secure, network-enabled door phone. i18S supports the open SIP communications protocol, making it interoperable with a broad range of VoIP providers, including 3CX, BroadSoft, Asterisk, Xorcom, and Huawei. Manage the video intercom through the network, a simple operation compared with traditional systems. Fanvil i18S uses a CMOS sensor to produce 720p30 video with a generous field-of-view of 120° x 109° to cover close-up callers. The full-duplex door phone allows you to speak in wideband audio with users. Fanvil includes environmental noise reduction technology to clarify the sound.

Fanvil i18S has a rugged aluminum casing that gives it IP165 and IK10 ratings against the elements and tampering. Add to that an operating temperature range of -40°F - 158°F and you have an HD video intercom that works in almost any condition. The Gigabit Ethernet port supports PoE, so you can power the intercom through the cable that connects it to your network.

 International Standard, HD Video, HD Voice, Multi-Protection, Noise Reduction, Wide Temperature Range, Tamper Detection, Intelligent Security System.

Press the "CALL" button, realize full duplex video communication.

Use in Different environment and application scenarios including but not limited to Bank intercom solutions, Hospital intercom solutions, Prison intercom systems, Station intercom solutions, Elevator intercom solutions, Secure city intercom solutions, School intercom solutions, Internet + access control solutions.

Water-proof, Dust-proof and Striking-proof Design, Avoiding Malicious Damage.


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